Getting Chiropractic Help in Plano For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Getting Chiropractic Help in Plano For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Getting Chiropractic Help in Plano For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chiropractic adjustments at Epic Chiropractic can be a strong part of a recovery and treatment plan for carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is fairly common, especially today as we perform more repetitive tasks that put a strain on our hands and wrists.

Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome have a host of solutions available to them. Many of them include surgery, immobilizing the wrist, wearing splints, and taking various prescription medications.

Many carpal tunnel syndrome patients become frustrated and uncomfortable with these treatment options.

Another solution is to turn to chiropractors for natural treatments to get the body back in alignment.

To better understand how this works, we should take a closer look at what is happening when you have carpal tunnel syndrome, and then what happens when you visit a chiropractor for solutions.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often shortened to CTS. This condition can feel like a tingling or numbness in the hands. It can also involve pain or burning in the wrists or hands or a loss of grip. The dominant hand is usually the first to be affected by CTS. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not only painful but a debilitating condition that can grow worse over time, especially when left untreated.

The more often you use your hands, the more at risk you are for severe carpal tunnel syndrome. People who work on their computers all day, factory workers, mechanics, cleaners, and many other professionals are at high risk. Most of us use our hands for work all day and the idea of not being able to isn't something most of us can imagine.

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the median nerve is compressed. The median nerve runs from your hand up into your forearm. It travels through a part of your wrist that is called the carpal tunnel. There, you have ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and bones all working together to keep your hands and wrist healthy and mobile. When your median nerve is compressed here, carpal tunnel syndrome can occur and lead to a host of problems.

What Happens When You Consult a Chiropractor For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Whenever someone first consults an experienced chiropractor, they're going to perform a thorough exam. This may include gathering information about your medical history, asking about your daily routines and experiences with your health, getting x-rays done, and making gentle adjustments to your spine or wrist to help find the source of your pain or offer some relief.

A Plano Chiropractor's Goal For Treating CTS

Your chiropractor will work with you to create a long term treatment plan with natural strategies for improving your carpal tunnel syndrome. This plan may include adjustments to the bones in your wrist to lessen the compression on your nerves. By making adjustments to the wrist and elbow, the pressure on the median nerve can be lessened and there can be relief from the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your Plano chiropractor may also recommend that you ice your wrists to reduce swelling, rest the affected wrist, performing strengthening exercises, and immobilization techniques.

A strong chiropractic plan from Epic Chiropractic can speed along recovery, lessen pain, and lead to a better overall healing process.

Ultimately, the goal for carpal tunnel syndrome patients is to either lessen the symptoms or find the true source of the pain and completely recover from the condition.

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