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Can a chiropractor help me with my ribs?

Hello everyone! I hope those of you in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region are enjoying cooler climates! Have you had an inexplicable pain, usually feels deep, sharp, and anywhere from just outside the spinal areas on the back or into the flanks of our bodies? If you have, you probably know just how annoying that pain is! What you may be suffering from is a rib head subluxation.

Rib subluxations (essentially, the rib is out of its proper alignment) can occur from a couple of different ways but the number one way is sleeping on our side! This repetitive shifting of the ribcage can cause an individual rib to slide out. The result is an extremely intense pain! Here's my constant reminder to start sleeping on your backs! :)

The reason they are so sensitive is because of the nerve endings that run underneath the ribs as illustrated by the picture here. A classic sign of a possible rib being out of place is whenever you take a real big exaggerated deep breath in, if you can reproduce that sharp pain, you may have a rib out!

Go get checked by your local chiropractor if you feel these things, as they can be managed quite easily and respond well generally.

Until next time!

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