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What can I do at home to help with stiffness

Hello everyone! I get asked one question a ton and wanted to put some information out here to help the masses! Very commonly, patients will ask about the essential exercises or stretches at home to alleviate pain and tension. Naturally, we want to do everything we can at home before seeking help from professionals.

The answer depends on what's going on with the body, and usually, private consultation or examination can customize the answer but we will talk about general tips that everyone should be doing. Movement of the body is key for future stability and we should not be sedentary at home.

Performing normal pain-free range of motion exercises at home are VITAL. Now let's break that sentence down into more detail.

  • Performing - Stretches, and exercises should be done actively at home, meaning do them yourselves with no assistance.

  • Normal - Don't combine movements! For example, move your neck backward and then back to a neutral position, then to the side. Don't move your neck backward AND to the side at the same time.

  • Pain-free - Stay within the normal limits of range of motion. If you push it far enough, and it hurts, you've gone too far. Bring it back to where is most comfortable. A good stretch should not cause pain.

  • Range of motion - These are bending forwards and backwards, twisting to the left and to the right, and bending to the left and the right. These can be performed in the neck and the low back.

If you're experiencing any type of neck, upper back, mid back, or low back pain or stiffness, your local chiropractor (including us, who serve people in Plano, Frisco, North Dallas, Allen, and McKinney) can help you even further!

Until next time!

Dr. Cyrus Laali

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