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The making of a Chiropractor

Hello Everyone! Thanks for checking out the first post in our series of informative short posts in our blog! We're very excited to launch this, and some really great information is coming to you regularly. First, I'd like to tell you all a bit more about me and how I became a chiropractor, as I feel this is important when it comes to finding the right doctor.

I was in college, well on my way to business school when fate would take me on a sharp left turn... specifically the sharp left turn that a car took as they drove right into us! Thus began my first experience with chiropractic, as a patient. I was dealing with lots of low back pain, neck pain, and my right knee was deeply bruised. I vividly remember how much it hurt, and how much pain I was. Nothing was like the next day after the accident when the adrenaline decreased, and all that pain came rushing in. After about 3 months of therapies with a chiropractor who ended up being a mentor for me, I felt incredibly better. So much so that I ditched all my business classes and fast-tracked a bunch of required science courses to get into chiropractic school as soon as possible.

Chiropractic school is a very hard program, one that encompasses all the basic sciences one would need in Medical School, followed by a more refined focus on orthopedics, neurology, and physical assessments over areas like pharmacology and microbiology. After graduating in 2007 from Parker University in Dallas, I worked in a number of different clinical settings ranging from accidents and injuries to specializing in disc injuries to full medical integration (working with MD's in one clinic).

In 2017, I decided to find the perfect opportunity into ownership of a practice I could call my own and thankfully found Epic Chiropractic was available after the incredible Drs. Robertson and Fenton were moving on respectfully into different practice areas. Growing up in Plano, this was always my dream to give back to the community that shaped me to be the man I am today and I'm so excited that I was able to begin serving my hometown community in December of 2017. I want to help each and every person to achieve all their health goals and look forward to doing so!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Cyrus Laali, D.C.

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